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Hot Melt – filling, packaging and cooling system

Hot melts (PSA) are usually packed in silicone paper. When using the Hot Melt System from Frans Vermee GmbH, the silicone paper is replaced by a flat film that is sealed into a tube. Materials with adhesive properties (PSA (Pressure-sensitive adhesive, bitumen) are filled into the film tube, whereby the sealing is achieved by the self-adhesive force of the filled product. The product is enclosed in the film after the filling process. The film is meltable, that means that the enduser does not need to remove the packaging film from the product, but the film is melted together with the hot melt during the final melting process. The film residuals (less than 0.6%) have no influence on the melting process or the adhesive properties.

Expensive silicone paper and time-consuming unpacking of the adhesive are no longer necessary.
The products produced on our highly specialized plants are characterized by a high, consistent quality. The Hot Melt line packs adhesives without air pockets. The packaging machine can also be combined with a cooling device. As the melting point of the flat film is below the hot melt temperature (between 115 and 140 degrees Celsius), the packs are cooled down in the connected water bath. When the packs leave the water bath there is still a small amount of water on it which should be  removed by means of e.g. an air blower. After that the packs can be fed to the final packaging (cartons, etc.).
In addition to PSA, the machine also packs bitumen.
Our Hot Melt plants adapt flexibly to your needs. You can choose between different production capacities per hour and the layout of the machine is designed according to your space requirements (linear design, in S-, M- or U-shape or double or even multi-decked). This means that a high production capacity can be achieved even when space is limited.

Using 3D drawings, we present three different types for 500 kg, 1200 kg and 3200 kg production capacity per hour


Hot Melt 500 lg

500 kg production capacity per hour

Hot Melt Anlage 1200 kg

1200 kg production capacity per hour

Hot Melt 3200 kg

3200 kg production capacity per hour