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CHUB filling and packaging machines

CHUB machines are used to pack pumpable products in flat films. The CHUB system is the ideal packaging solution for almost all pumpable products: from liver sausage to processed cheese to silicone, adhesives or emulsion explosives.

CHUB Füll- und Verpackungsanlage

CHUB filling and packaging machines

CHUB systems do not require prefabricated packaging material but operate on the basis of low-cost flat film and roll-wire from a coil.
The CHUB machine is sealing a tube out of flat film with high-frequency, hot-air, contact or extrusion sealing. The tube is filled with product and closed. The filled packages are then separated from each other or remain as a package chain.
The closure is made with clips of coil wire. There are no additional costs for expensive artificial casings and prefabricated clips. This packaging can be completed by attaching an Easy Open opening tab.
The CHUB process can be used in the food as well as the non-food sector. In the food sector, pumpable foods such as cheese and milk products, meat products, ready-to-eat meals, pastry and pet food can be packaged.
In the non-food sector, emulsion explosives, bitumen, 2-component products (e.g. resin bolts or construction adhesives), Hot Melt, silicones, acrylates and polyurethanes are packaged.