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Anyl Ray Meat Analyzer Model 316-6

The Anyl Ray Fat Analysis Instrument 316 is one of the most widely used, readily accepted instrument for fat analysis in the meat industry. It differs from other analysis
methods because:

• fat analysis does not take place on the final product or after final mincing, but on the raw material, meaning fresh or frozen meat (uncured, without any salt);
• no use of chemicals;
• meat samples may be returned to the batch after testing;
• lean/fat ratio can be determined in a matter of seconds;
• the Anyl Ray may be placed directly in the production area.

The Anyl Ray uses low-level X-rays to determine the lean/fat ratio of a 5,9 kg meat sample in a matter of seconds. During the analysis the gamma-rays are mostly absorbed by the muscle fibres (rich in mineral), whilst the fat fibres (poor in mineral) absorbe almost no gamma-rays. The determined percentage of fat is shown on the display and can be transfered by an RS-232 Interface to a computer-system or to an optional printer. The FPM-Analysis additionally calculates the percentage of protein and moisture. The analyzed meat samples may be returned to the batch.
The Anyl Ray is mainly used for checking the fat in purchased meat and allows you to make certain that you get what you pay for. The results of an Anyl Ray test are
readily accepted by most packers.
For controlling of fat in trimming productions randomly selected units are cubed or ground down to <13 mm, then analyzed for fat, thus providing you with guidance during operation. This application is where the Anyl Ray speed becomes really important.
For controlling of ground beef, pork or mutton properly mixed coarse ground fresh, frozen or hot meat is quickly analyzed and corrected to the desired fat level.

The Anyl Ray gives you triple security:
1. Your final product contains the maximum quantity of fat as contracted or legally allowed for food products;
2. The share of lean meat exactly meets what is required;
3. Your products are of an even quality.