CHUB Filling and Packaging Technology

CHUB – Filling and Packaging Technology

ChubMaker Verpackungsmaschine

ChubMaker Packaging Machine

The CHUB system is an optimal solution to fill and pack almost any kind of pumpable products like liver sausage or soft cheese but also non-food products like silicon, hot melts or explosive emulsions.

Chub machines do not require any expensive preformed casings and clips. Instead of that the Chub uses flat roll-stock film and wire from a roll to form the closing clips. By using the Chub machine you can sage the additional cost for expensive casings and pre-formed clips.

Further advantages are:
• high speeds up to 160 packs per minute,
• extremely rugged construction suitable for 3-shift operation,
• accurate product weights,
• suitable for package sizes from 15 g to 10 kg with a diameter from 15 to 150 mm and a package length from 50 to > 2000 mm.

Principle of function:

Film is fed from a roll, formed around a cylinder and sealed to a continuous tube by means of a high frequency sealer, contact-, extrusion- or hot air sealer. The tube is then filled and closed by wire clips. Now the filled packages are separated by a knife. All operating steps are shown in the animation, please have a look.

By an optional “Easy-Open” accessory a tear stripe can be sealed to the package as an opening aid  (if PVDC or PVDC-free film is used).

                       Principle of Operation
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